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As the need for innovation, precision and efficiency increases from within the vast data residing inside your organization and outside in the world, leveraging, and building artificial intelligence(AI) augments the missions of the future of your business. We integrate AI with all your existing technologies to achieve tangible business benefits. Work with us to plan your AI strategy, use cases, implementation roadmap and much more. We tailor our consulting to meet your specific needs with full-cycle development and implementation ensuring smooth integration with existing systems.

NLP & Conversational UX

Rapidly translate and understand natural language data using powerful text analytics, thus unravelling patterns and trends to understand what customers are thinking and what the market wants.

Enhance customer experience by providing them with an engaging and automated conversational interface such as chatbots and virtual assistants that learns along the way.


Image, Video & Real-time Stream Analytics

Browse through image and video content the same way you search text documents.

Carry out real-time analytics on collected data to generate actionable insights rapidly. We help you collect and analyze streaming data as it arrives from disparate sources.


Robotic Process Automation

Automate predictable, repetitive, and replicable tasks with rule-based algorithms, reengineer processes, and build automation solutions to reduce human effort for mundane tasks and improve quality of service.

Deep Learning

Emulate the exact workings of the human brain to analyze data and develop trends to make critical decisions. Our purpose-built deep learning portfolio covers multi-layered artificial neural networking for developing advanced facial and object recognition systems, home automation solutions, and process automation.

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