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Workforce Management

Your customers in the modern world are coming to expect more of you: omni-channel experience, 24×7 support, and a seamless experience. On the other hand, you also have the pressures of reducing costs and improving profitability. This can be achieved only by leveraging the power of technology, powered by skilled professionals up for a challenge in the volatile business world. I&I Software consulting services fulfill exactly that. 


Customer-focused & Self-aware Strategy

We find the right candidate for your need. We understand what you have and what additional skills you are looking for, before offering a resource. We are laser-focused on what’s right for you.

We know our strengths and bring them to you. We are a boutique solution — not the biggest. So, we strive to be the best by maximizing communication and minimizing red tape.


Investment in our People

Our team of skilled recruiters scours the country for IT talent — only the most outstanding individuals make the cut. We evaluate for skill, experience, attitude, work-ethic, passion, drive and more. Our people are our biggest assets, we choose them carefully and take care of them well.


Accountability and Pro-activeness

At I&I Software, we’re suckers for validation; we’re happy only when you are. So, we make certain you are 100% satisfied with the resources we provide you. In order to know that, we conduct regular performance reviews, we monitor the post-placement performance of all our consulting employees, we work towards improvements and corrections constantly.


Have Contingency Plans

In the unlikely event our match doesn’t work out, we make it right. Immediately. We backfill any resource with an equally or more qualified resource within 3 weeks including knowledge transfer. We know the market is volatile, but we are solid.


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