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customer engagement
Save time, Skip lines, Save life

COVID has amplified several challenges that Government departments are facing with the shut-down, accumulated workload and the sudden unexpected mix of employees working remotely and out of department offices as reduced availability. The end-to-end management of customer interactions, dynamic allocations of tasks and centralized insights into jobs and customer relations needed a well-considered solution to address immediate restoration of business and State processes efficiencies. 

Introducing Re-FrameQ

We bring to you a robust Customer Engagement Platform designed for Public Sector to effectively manage customer/constituent facing businesses in the new normal. The solution offers a variety of features to streamline the easy scheduling of appointments online, engagement of customers in real time on appointment status till the door, orientation of information on new initiatives and announcements, keeping full track of completed and pending jobs, and enabling real time analytics on customers, Government service providers and on specific service center operations. The solution is offered as a Software as a Service (SAAS), Cloud hosted and highly secure platform that is very cost effective with no headaches for licensing. 

Use a seamless, easy-to-deploy, data driven solution to make the full life cycle of appointments scheduling, task tracking and dashboarding simple and highly effective for your agency. Implementation time (including training) is only 6-8 hours.

Meet Your Customers Effectively with ReFrame Q

Schedule appointments anywhere, anytime
Enable in-person or virtual meetings
Track appointments, and quantify effort
Have in-depth real time reports
Empower micro-centers for customer meetings



Mobile Friendly Application

Easy to schedule appointments and Seamless integration into your Agency's homepage 


Easy to Configure

Easy to set up flexible appointment types and slots from 5, 10, 15, 30 up to 120 minute intervals


Easy Confirmation of Appointments

Opt-in for confirmation via text message and Opt-in to upload documents


Easy Check-In

Easy option to call or text to engage with customers

Customize Your Agency Configuration

1. Agency Name and Seal or Logo
2. Emergency Information Custom Banner
3. Content to be displayed in confirmation and reminder emails
4. Content to be displayed in confirmation and broadcast text messages 

Reframe Q Advantages

Cloud Hosting
ADA Compliant

Download Reframe Q Brochure

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