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data governence
Data Governance with Collibra.

In the age of digital transformation, your competitive advantage is your ability to leverage data – your most powerful strategic business asset. As the volume and velocity of your data grows, how do you ensure that it is accessible, up-to-date, accurate, and reliable? Think data governance.


With good data governance, your data will be

Easily accessible
Contextual and usable
Organizationally consistent
Collaboratively gathered
Regularly updated
Clearly Owned by stewards
Compliant to GDPR & BCBS 239 standards

I&I’s data governance implementation model

Data Governance is a system of decision rights and accountabilities for information-related processes executed according to agreed-upon models, which describes who can take what actions with what information and when under what circumstances using what methods.


For any data governance initiative to succeed, the solution being implemented needs to complement your existing tools. I&I’s certified and seasoned consultants will help you configure complex workflows and integrate your existing systems with Collibra. Our three-phase model guides clients in building a business-aligned data governance program.

Phase 1
  • Build collaborative Data Governance Engine Plan
  • Unite stakeholders under data governance business rationale
  • Assess the maturity of data governance in the organization
  • Structure the shared program
Phase 2
  • Develop Data Governance Implementation Roadmap
  • Perform gap analysis and develop initiatives
  • Create a roadmap for data governance
Phase 3
  • Drive the Data Governance Engine Program
  • Create and communicate policies
  • Build teams
  • Communicate and maintain the DG program

If you are a governmental organisation looking for data governance, get in touch to know more about work for the public sector