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Underlying the promise of digital transformation is data. It fuels digital transformation, drives customer experiences, and accelerates business intelligence. I&I Software brings solutions for public sector accountability in the era of digital transformation. We help organizations set accountability across the enterprise, build use cases to address business issues and opportunities, create integrated architecture solutions for complex IT landscapes. Develop data models and standards to combine various data sources. Create comprehensive data governance policies that includes data sharing and compliance policies, standards, and procedures. Clients can choose from a menu of options depending on their requirements.

Data Strategy

Data is a strategic asset and a foundation for the transformational imperatives. Studies are showing that 92% of businesses say that high-quality data is the fuel for their digital transformation efforts. In reality only 29% say they are good at connecting analytics to action. 75% of businesses say that poor data quality has made it challenging to achieve their digital transformation. I&I Software helps businesses to outline the data strategy and walk with clients in clarifying the vision and mission around organizational data to carve out the objectives and goals that will be aligned with the corporate objectives and business operations. We facilitate the formulation of the guiding principles needed to create the infrastructure of the data strategy.

Data Governance

Organizations are embracing digital transformation to change the way they serve customers, accelerate time to market, and manage global risk and operations. To achieve desired business outcomes from these digital transformation initiatives the data should be governed, trusted and accessible. Clients can choose to put in place data definitions, the operating model, business glossaries, business rules, the metadata management process and identify the data stewards within the organization all of which form part of the Data Governance specialities.

Data Compliance

I&I Software offers you the tools and technologies to formulate your data policies & data quality rules for compliance with industry best practice and regulations. Whether it is to set up access and controls for your organizational users, partners or customers, or adhere to GDPR or to CCPA, we help you internalize all the requirements and set up the data standards & definitions needed with metadata management, taxonomy, cataloguing & classification. Data becomes an asset about when the right technologies are used to ensure it is risk free, secure and meets compliance.

Data Quality

The Governance of business rules speeds up the data quality measurement and monitoring, that enables the enrichment of data throughout the life cycle of the data. We bring the tools and expertise to for you to put in place the right process for the management of the data quality and to set up the performance metrics. Leverage our capabilities to build your reports and KPI Certifications. With 20 years of working with data, I&I Software helps your organization overcome the common data challenges.

Data Management

I&I software provides you specialized services for your data architecture and modeling requirements.
We act as service leaders to power the democratization of your data across the enterprise. Choose from a menu of options to manage the data modeling & metadata repository, or to manage your master data and reference data. With tools like Collibra and Erwin, we help your organization with your data integration and data pipelines need or for data Warehousing and BI needs with advanced data analytics. 

At I&I software, find skilled IT professionals to perfectly suit your needs.