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Grant management
Grant Management

Irrespective of the disaster, pandemic, flood, wildfire or hurricane, States and local governments must strike a balance between taking swift, mission-focused actions and mitigating the potential for waste, fraud and abuse. Implementing a modern, cost effective grant management system accelerates delivery, improves transparency and directs maximum funding for the people and businesses it is intended to help, all while creating a robust system of record to facilitate the audit process. 

Cultivated over years of experience managing disaster recovery

disaster recovery

GrantCare is built on the highly configurable Microsoft Dynamics.

Implementing our modern Grant Management System built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 improves State and Local Governments’ Ability to Deliver Assistance.

GrantCare is built by an experienced team.

In funds managed
Jurisdictions across four states
Combined years of grant

Why Choose GrantManagement

Low Code
Highly Configurable
Modular Highly Secure
Easy Drag & Drop Features

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