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disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery Technology with GrantCare for Community Development

GrantCare is a new disaster recovery technology solution offering a quicker and more efficient way to manage your long-term recovery programs. With GrantCare, streamline your community development block grant (CDBG) management for quicker recovery from disasters. A mobile-ready portal capturing real-time data from the field, our solution improves collaboration between homeowners, contractors and city officials to deliver homes that meet Federal grant-and-aid requirements. GrantCare streamlines grant distribution with business process automation to enable reconstruction and get people back into their homes quickly.

GrantCare effectively deploys the solution to manage the entire grant process from survey data collection to disbursement requests used to pay contractors for completed construction projects. 

Core Features

Recovery Portal
Recipient Intake
Field Service
HUD Inspections
Construction Staging
Grant Awards
Stafford Act Compliance

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