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State adopts GrantCare to manage $2.4 Billion CRF program

While dealing with the coronavirus stimulus programs, GrantCare assists Government agencies strike a balance between taking swift, mission-focused actions and mitigating the potential for waste, fraud and abuse.

The U.S. Department of Treasury has provided guidelines and disbursed funds to States and some municipalities to distribute and reimburse COVID-19 related expenses. This increases the urgency for state and local governments to stand up processes that ensure compliance and minimize the risk of repayment. With $150 Billion dollars through the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) first stimulus program, State and Local Governments have executed various strategies to ensure the delivery of funds to its constituents. Decision makers are faced with a challenge to package compliance, scalability, reliability, cybersecurity and innovation with a competitively priced technology solution.

Product Features

GrantCare GM Platform is CARES Act compliant and can be quickly deployed to help State and Local Governments have a complete view of COVID spends Statewide. The platform enables full compliance and control of the entire life cycle of the CRF program with ease of unlimited scale of projects. 

Key Administrative Features

Defined Expense Categories
Allowable Activities
Risk Determination Parameters
Controlled and Assigned Risk Levels
Queues Management

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